Friday, May 07, 2010

Hockey Practice

After morning tea our class went down to the court. We got taught some hockey. As you can see we really enjoyed it .
We did a couple of games and one race. We also did some dribbling.
Shona is patting the ball with a hockey stick. It was very hard to keep the ball on the bat. The trick was to keep your eye on the ball.


Makuri School said...

Looks like you all have great control of the ball. Have you been learning to play hockey for a while.

Ms S

Mr Wood said...

It looked like you were having fun learning hockey. Did you get to play in teams?

Mr. Crosby said...

Hi Kaitlin - I am Mr.s Crosby in Reno, Nevada, USA. Let Mrs. King know that we will be leaving a bunch of comments on your blogs. Thanks!