Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tyler shows us his swimming skills

Swimming is so fun. Allanah took our class video of us swimming so we could tell how good we are and how we might improve.

We are learning freestyle and breastroke. It is very, very hot and we like to swim.


Anonymous said...

Tyler is a good swimmer.

by Carl

Richmond Primary School said...

What a great swimming demonstation.
may be you will be swimming for New Zealand at the Olympics one day? Keep up the good work.

From Room 13 and Mrs Eden
Richmond Primary School.

Leeza said...

I have been swimming competitively for 3 years and I guess my commenting has improved. Well, his stroke is very good and smooth but he should try to keep his head in place and keep his legs a bit straighter but that is if you really want to swim well. He does pretty good for now. Good Job.

Leeza said...

So far this school year I have been to 4 meets, 3 local and one in Taiwan. Plus I have 3 coming up. It is pretty intense there. I do indeed have a video but every time I tried to post it it failed... Swimming is my most definite favorite sport and I train 5 days a week for 1-2 hours. Living life underwater!

Mike Temple said...

Great swimming stroke, Tyler - I like the way you manage your breathing - I'm sure you'll get better and better. Keep at it!
I think Leeza's comments were very helpful, but all in good time, just keep enjoying it
BTW - 2 swims a day - how can I get to join your class? Sounds like great fun

Anonymous said...

thank you for your tips leeza, i will practice keeping my head still and my legs straight.

thanks tyler

Anonymous said...

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