Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Two- Drownings In New Zealand

Today we presented what we had learnt about drownings in New Zealand.

Each group had to decide what was the most important information to share on the graph and then come up with an interesting way to share that information.

We hope you learnt more about they ways people drown in New Zealand. Now we are going to learn about safe practices for us in, on or near the water.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

That was a very interesting way of sharing information. I also like the fact that quite a few people have contributed ideas for the topic!
Well done!


Anonymous said...

I learned a lot and appreciated your insightful comments.

Susan S

A teacher in Singapore

Leeza said...

Drowning is, yes, the most dangerous part of swimming. That's why you should ALWAYS swim with super vision. Good swimmer or bad swimmer you always have to have someone older there. When I was little I actually drowned but it never stopped me from swimming!

Anonymous said...

Hello moturoa

Thanks for the water saftey tips, just what I need, for I go swimming quite a lot of times now.

From Olivia