Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hugo's First Post From Treasure Island

Hugo is having a fabulous time on holiday at the Treasure Island Holiday Park at Biggera Waters just south of Brisbane in Australia. He sent in this post today. Mini-Dylan hadn't been to Brisbane before and he is loving being with his new family....

“Whizz! Bang! Pop! Splash! I felt the warm water all around me. The water slide was long and very slippery. It twisted and turned, left and right, down to the pool. I swam across the pool. When you want to go down on the water slide you have to go up one step and the ramp to get to the top. Then you can go Whizz! Bang! Pop! again. I love Brisbane!”


Anonymous said...

That looks cool!!!


Anonymous said...

looks fun

from george B.

you don't know me

Moturoa said...

It is great to see that Georgia and George remembered how to add a comment to our blog.

Well done everyone whose names starts with a GGGGGGGG!!!

Allanah K

Anonymous said...

That must be so fun.