Monday, February 23, 2009

The Big Banana

The Big Banana visit couldn’t come quick enough on Saturday morning. The Big Banana is an amusement park centred on a real banana plantation.

“Wheeeeeeeeee,” as I went down the toboggan. It was fun.

I learnt about bananas and we got to try some – they were delicious and sweet.

Did you dream about a double banana?

We bought 10kg of bananas and had banana splits.


Leeza said...

That is such a cool museum! I have NEVER been to a food museum EXCEPT once. It looks like a good place to learn and have fun and eat a lot of bananas!

Anonymous said...

Wow Hugo looks like your having fun. I might go there when I'm bigger. Your soooooooo luckly.
From Olivia

Anonymous said...

You most of went bananas
by daniel