Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning At School Conference

Here I here at the Learning at School Conference in Rotorua. I presented one workshop yesterday and it went quite well. At the moment I am listening to a keynote speaker. I am in the back row and took this photo using Photobooth. You can see there is lots and lots of people here! I am presenting another workshop this afternoon as well.

I would love to hear about the tryathalon at school- let me know what happened by leaving a comment.

Allanah K


Anonymous said...

Itlooks like you are having a good time in Rotorua.
It rained yesterday so we did not do the hike but we went swimming.
The tryathlon was so much fun!
Everyone did their best. It took all afternoon.
See you on Monday Allanah

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss King, what is going on where you are and how are the workshops going where you are? The tryathlon went well and everyone particapated either in groups or alone. On thursday we had Mr Avery in the morning and we went to the ASB Aquatic Centre in the afternoon and had free time the whole time. We are now doing our self portraits and we will show them to you when you get back.

From Jemma, Amy and Olivia