Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our First Official 2009 Podcast

This week at school, as you know, we have been learning about water safety in, on or around water. Because rivers are the most dangerous places for drownings in New Zealand we have been learning a whole heap of water safety rules for around rivers and lakes.

Listen carefully because one of these rules may save your life one day.


Doug said...

Well done kids !! Just love the way you confidently explain what should and should not be done.

Chapeau !

Anonymous said...

Hi Moturoa! It looks like you are all learning heaps about water safety. Well done! We have been swimming at Enner Glynn School too and my class are learning how to blow bubbles, kick with straight legs and swim with big arms.

I love how I can check up on my friends at Appleby School :)
Miss Brydon

joseph said...

wow you give us a lot of information

joseph said...

I always go swimming with some one older then me.