Thursday, February 26, 2009


Butterflies are attracted to bright colours - the brighter and more interesting the clothing the better chance you have of making friends with butterflies. Butterflies do not grow, rather they are fully formed by the caterpillar which pupates. The "pupa" is formed inside of the caterpillar - unlike the moth which produces a cocoon when it matures.Fly, fly in the sky. The Butterflies were awesome. They like me the best because they like the clothes I wear. Their favourite movie characters are Dora the Explorer, Hana Montana, Spiderman and Ben 10. It was stinky hot in there. It made me sweaty. I felt happy because they landed on my shirt and hat. Hugo
We went to the butterfly house. It was stinking hot in the shed because butterflies like it hot. Three came on me. My favourite butterfly was a bright orange one. Maxwell


Richmond Primary School said...

I love seeing all the new things on your blog every time I visit. My class will love seeing the spider and the Crayola drawing activity.
Thank you for the fun!
From Mrs Eden
Room 13 Richmond Primary

Anonymous said...

hugo you are lucky. i wish i could have a butterfly on my hand. did you have fun with a butterfly. skye b.