Friday, December 16, 2005

Putting up the tents

Having come back from the swim in the lagoon our next task was to put up the tents. This was a real exercise in co-operation and teamwork. We talked about it beforehand of the need to keep going with the job until it was well completed and every single one of us gave the job 100% effort and the job was quickly achieved with no-one succumbing to the lure of the nearby playground.

In this first photo Briony contemplates the enormity of the problem! She was soon supported by willing helpers.

Erin and her team soon got the job done.

Everyone had a job to do and look how involved everyone is.

The Jacksons got the tents up quickly with great teamwork.

Now the tents are starting to look like the real thing! It was quite a little tent city by the time we got them all up!

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