Friday, December 16, 2005


After our stroll along the beach we came home for tea! A couple of children needed to be fed on an hour by hour basis as they might have started running out of energy if not fed lashings of healthy food every 20 minutes or so!!!!

Leanne was our chief cook ably assisted by many willing workers. As you can see their efforts were well received with many returning for seconds.

Children helped with the dishes afterwards with one excuse of, "I don't DO dishes!" rewarded with extra practise to catch up on the fun he had missed out on!

After the chores were done we settled down for an evening watching the preview of our movie of ourselves on DVD along with photos we had taken, followed by Star Wars. Interestingly many had never seen the original Star Wars Movie- in my opinion the best of them all. We didn't have time to finish it before bed time but will watch the rest next week.

Most children settled well to sleep as we had had a big day but a few girls needed the extra encouragement of their teacher sitting in the awning of their tent to get the idea that it was time rest. I must admit though that the many moreporks calling to one another over our camp site made it hard to drift off to sleep. Even more so in the morning when every native bird within 50 km came by at five in the morning to wake us to the dawn chorus!

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