Friday, December 16, 2005

Co-operative Games & Waterslide

After all the tents were up and we had had our lunch it was time for games and the waterslide. Lara, our student teacher from earlier in the year, had come with us on camp and showed us some cool co-operative games. We started off with peg ball. In this first photo you can see how pleased we all were when we got one of the parents OUT!!!!

After that we had a go at a three legged race. Some of us had a bit of trouble co-ordinating our legs but it was fun trying- again team work was needed.

Everyone loved the waterslide and the challange was to see what you could do to make yourself go faster and end up at the 'uppy thing at the bottom'!!! Some of us were really good at it and some of us had to use our father's T-shirts as a mat to make the slide more slippery!

As you can see there was a number of different styles!

The boys puffed out their manly chests and impressed us greatly!!!

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