Friday, December 16, 2005

Kaiteriteri Camp

What a great time we had on camp!

We had a tremendous amount of support from parents with 26 parents in total coming out at some stage to visit and join in the variety of activities. With a core of eight adults staying for the whole time it made things so easy for me to organise and the children were fantastic showing enthusiasm and good humour throughout their adventure. The theme for the camp was self-management and self-reliance and children worked hard to practise these goals for themselves.

Thank you so much to all those who supported us.

Now for the photos!!! I will roll out more over the weekend so check back! Also I am making a DVD the camp. If you would like a copy send $10 along to school on Monday and I will do my best to get it to you as soon as possible.

If you want a better quality or bigger photo double click on it and it will enlarge. Also I can email you copies of the photos if you email the classroom saying which ones you want.

The first photo is of us all as we sit outside the dining room preparing for our first lot of instructions! We are very keen to get started enjoying ourselves.

This next photo shows the girls having a swim in the Kaiteriteri lagoon at high tide. To make it easier to keep track of children in the sea they needed to wear coloured swimming caps so we could check the right number of heads were bobbing all the time. Paula kept counting- 1,2,3,4,5,6 over and over again to make sure.

This next photo shows the boys' turn. The water is quite deep so it was great that we had a few hardy parents in the water to make sure everyone was secure and safe.

While the boys were having their turn the girls got to make sand sculptures and play with the tide. They worked well co-operatively and had lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Glad you all had a good time.

L. U.K.

Anonymous said...

an't wait till the nxt camp!!!