Friday, December 02, 2005

Pet Show

This is the story of Cinnamon. About three months ago a beautiful cat took to living under the classroom. She obviously had been loved but had now fallen on hard times. After trying to find an owner Tim and Amanda took her home and gave her the very best of lives. As you can see Cinnamon is thriving. A cat could not have done better than to find this new family to live with. Cinnamon called in for a visit today and some children couldn't believe that this beauty was the 'under the classroom cat'!!!

Here is another photo from the Pet Show. Because of the misty rain one of the morning's inside activities was to read books about animals in the library. The boys liked this idea and enjoyed having their photo taken.

Here Jessica R's dog Sky smiles for the camera!!!

I have just downloaded this new free Apple programme called Image Tricks that lets you make ordinary photos a bit special by adding different effects. What do you think of these?

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