Saturday, December 03, 2005

Moturoa's Assembly

Moturoa had the pleasure of hosting assembly.

Jamie Mc played the piano with precision and skill. He had memorised the piece as well. Great work Jamie.

Alex followed this with a drum solo. We have great talent here at Appleby School. Note also the innovative music stand!

Lastly we watched the movie trailer for The March of the Penguins on the big screen. Now we all want to go to the movies to see it. I know I do.

Thanks go to Patrick who was today's photographer.


Anonymous said...

Really great photos on the blog, well done! I've seen some of the movie on the tv here in the U.K. of The March of the Penguins and I think we all get an overwhelming feeling of "must see"!

L. U.K.

toddjohnstone said...

Hi Liam,
You were so great on the bass guitar!
Thanks for coming to Ranzau.
From Todd

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie
It was great to be able to see you performing even if I couldn't listen. I know you will have given a great performance

Anonymous said...

Thanks Annabelle for the comment I'm just lucky
I've got such a good teacher!!!
From Jamie.

Leanne R said...

What a talented bunch we have in that class.