Monday, November 02, 2009

Spelling City

Lots of teachers use Spelling City and I have only just the hang of how to use it myself as I thought you HAD to pay for it but you don't. It is brilliant.
To find the lists I have made for you- click on Find A List and search for Allanah.
You will find the Spell-Write Lists, Commonly Mispelt Words and a couple of Ashley Spelling Lists.

By clicking on the list that fits with the list that you are learning you can learn to spell the words, play games and even test yourself if your parents are too busy to test you.

Each week you can also write in your own individual spelling words and have a set spelling words and games made just for you.

You can also make up your own spelling list by adding your own words by clicking here. Or looking along the side bar on the right.

Clever eh! Cool Bananas!

1 comment:

Moutere said...

Hey we have found Spelling City. It is awesome we going to play it at reading time.
Thanks for telling us about it.
We hope it will make us
'super spellers!