Friday, November 06, 2009

The Observatory Visit

We went on an Observatory Visit last week on Thursday related to our project on Space this term. This is George looking at the Moon book. He is looking at the part of the Moon that you could see in the telescope that night.
This is one of the telescopes that the owner of the observatory ( Mr Knowles) has. This particular telescope happened to be looking at the Moon. Up the top is a picture of the telescope. If you looked through that telescope you would have seen a quarter of the Moon. That quarter of the Moon was on the right, top side.
This is a photo of Mr Knowles. He came to our school and talked to us about space. The observatory was round and small. There were two telescopes there one looking at the Moon and one looking at Jupiter. He turned a telescope around so that we could look at two stars circling one another. Most of us enjoyed the experience and thank you, Mr Knowles for letting us use your telescopes and teaching us about space.


Anonymous said...

The observartory was cool. My favourite thing was looking at the craters on the moon but it was all interesting. Georgia :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The observatory sounded like fun! Our class went to the one in Tekapo last year on camp. Did you see any planets? We didn’t because the night we went was cloudy.

From Jack