Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This week for homework we had to write a report about a subject of our choice. Hayley wrote her report about Jupiter and she emailed it to us. Didn't she do well.
Jupiter’s size
Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe it is at least as big as all of the other planets put together.

Jupiter’s moons
Jupiter has at least 47 moons and Earth has only one moon.

Jupiter is a gas giant
Jupiter is sometimes called a gas giant because that’s what it is a giant ball of gas that’s why nobody can land on it.

Jupiter’s great red spot
Jupiter’s great red spot is a storm the size of Earth.


Anonymous said...

Hayley, well done. I learnt a lot about Jupiter that I never knew before!

Portsmouth, England
(Miss King's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Wow Hayley I never knew that Jupiter is the biggest planet in the universe.


Moturoa said...

I think that Hayley meant our solar system but we can check that at school today.


kiera said...

cool report Hayley