Friday, November 06, 2009

Pet Day

Yesterday was pet day. I took Lilly's puppies to school. This is a group photo of all the puppies.
This is Jemma holding one of them. Don't you think that that puppy loves her.
Look at this one. It is asleep on Shaun. There are two puppies that are always asleep at the back of their cage.
Skye would love to take this little puppy home- can't you tell!
Then a man came and his dog rounded up ducks. I thought that that was amazing. How it did not eat them because I know that Mikey and Lilly would eat them.
This is Rachel and her pet lamb. I don't know it's name but it was so cute.

Wow look at Hugo's dog Moko. He is huge.
After that we did some pet day activities. We made play dough animals and drew animals using Kid Pix. I wonder who made this dog and snail. It is so cool.
Look at Alex and her bunny. I wonder if the bunny is Alex's favourite animal.

Look at this movie. It is of the lambs feeding. Look at the tail wagging.


madmacnz said...

How lovely to see photos of your Pet Day - it must be 'that' time of the year :-) I was especially interested to see the dog rounding up the ducks - that's a bit different! You had lovely photos of all the animals, and I liked the play dough animals too!

Anonymous said...

Pet day was fun. Even though I didn't bring a pet. I liked helping Bella look after mikey too. Georgia :)