Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Shelly Park School

Room 11 at Shelly Park School in Howick, near Auckland are following our blog. Last term they were learning about historical Howick in the same way we were learning about old Nelson. This term they are studying Space like we are. Here is their latest posting. You can say what you think through our comments or click on their link and reply to their blog directly. What do you think of their question?

This is a video of the Ares 1-X Rocket finally being launched on Thursday 29th October 2009. NASA is trying to return astronauts to the moon instead of the space shuttle programme. The test launch did not have astronauts inside it this time but eventually it will. During the past 3 years it has cost $620 million and it was all over in 2 minutes. Do you think sending astronauts to the moon is a good idea?

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Anonymous said...

We think it is a waste of money. Taine & Torbea.