Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Play Cricket

You need equipment to play cricket and that is a cricket ball, bat, pads, box, gloves, helmet, stumps, bales, leg pads, shoes, clothing.

Cricket is a game where you have two teams and one fields and the other one bats, you have two batters in first and they hit the ball and try and get as many runs as they can, and the fielders field the ball and try and get the batters out.

I play incredible ball cricket and you don’t have the gear that you would have in real cricket. There are bounders in a game and if you hit the ball and it bounces and goes over the boundary it’s a four and if it goes over without bouncing it's a six .

The ways you can get out are Caught, Bowled, Leg before Wicket, Stumped, Ran Out, Wicket, Handle the Ball, Obstructing the Field, Hit ball twice, Timed out. Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. The batting actions are lift bat, step forward, swing bat.

The game equipment that it always has to have are the stumps and bales. The stumps are the sticks and the bales are the things that sit on the bales. There are test games, one day games and twenty twenty games you can play. The test games are usually five days and the one days are played in one day before it gets dark, and the 20 20 is 20 overs for each team.

There are umpires for the games that help with deciding whether the players are out or what they hit and what the bowlers do, and if they can’t decide they take it upstairs for the umpires to decide. There are signals that the umpires use they are OUT they raise one hand above their head, FOUR putting their hand horizontal and waving back and forwards, SIX putting both hands above their head, WIDE both hands out the side and there are many more.

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