Monday, May 04, 2009


Hi my name is Fletcher and I love sailing because I've always liked being on the water because when I was little I always liked boats and ships and I still do.
''Do you know why I like power boats? Because they are fast.


Tyler!!! said...

Cool image Fletcher.


daniel said...

I would like to go sailing one day

Anonymous said...

I do sailing too and its fun

by Andrew

Anonymous said...

I would like to go sailing by JORDAN

Anonymous said...

For those lads that say that they would like to go sailing.....get your mum or dad to introduce you to the Nelson Yacht Club. They have a very good summer training scheme operated there. They would be very pleased to show you what is available; Fletchers' dinghy is an Optimist and is great for training, the Club has a large fleet of these craft available!
From Vic Tinley......Fletchers grandad in Jersey, an island near France, but belonging to England. Because we live on an island many of us have a boat of some description.

Moturoa said...

Hello Fletcher's grandad. Lovely to have you with us. Did you see Fletcher in the 'I' statement videos as well. Thankfully it was a role play- well rehearsed.

Allanah K

Fletcher's teacher