Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mini-Dylan's Holiday to Christchurch

Straight after Easter Amy took me on holiday with her to Christchurch. We went down the East Coast and it was very foggy, but we did see a train. Next stop that day was Orana Wildlife Park and I got to look at the lions and the giraffes, one was really grumpy and Amy fed the baby. Lisa wouldn’t let me go up to the giraffes; she was worried that I would get eaten.

I saw three boy cheetahs and we saw the cheetah chase the meat. The man said one cheetah would run at a time and the other two would jog behind him and it was true. They sounded just like little cats with their meowing.
The next day was Monday and we went shopping at one of the malls and tank driving at Tanks for Everything. We were allowed to climb all over the tanks and inside them too.
 This one to the left is called the Ferret and it’s a 4x4 scout car. This one on the right is called the Hagglunds BV206 and it can go on land or water. You can use it for lots of different things it can go anywhere.

We went to the Canterbury Museum. Here is one big dinosaur; can you see me by its foot? We got to touch it. It was plastic.
Next I went in a gondola. At the top we got off and went into the time tunnel ride experience, that took us though the history of Christchurch. It was a lot of fun.

On our last day in Christchurch we stopped at Willowbank before heading to Hanmer Springs. We saw lots of different animals that we could feed and pet.
Yes I was worried that the horse was going eat me but Lisa had a good hold on me.

Here I am in a Maori whare. Can you see me in the window?

Vincent didn’t like this swan, it bit him.
After visiting Christchurb we were off to Hanmer Springs. Wow what a place, lots of thermal pools and spas to play in. Just what I needed after a busy time in Christchurch.

Mostly in Hanmer we just played in the pools but we stop for a short time for a game of mini-golf. I had a great time on holiday; I got to see lots of wonderful things.
A big thank you to Amy and her family for giving me such a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

mini dylan should drive it to see what it is like

Melville Intermediate said...


the holiday looked really fun!
I hope you enjoyed your great looking holiday.
How was it being in a army tank?
why is there a red little bear in the photo?

Nick,room 8, Melville Intermediate,Hamilton,New Zealand

Moturoa said...

Mini-Dylan is not a little red bear. He is a dragon from Wales.

He was sent to us from Cefn Fforest School in Wales to take with us on our travels. We take lots of photos of him.

Look here for other photos and stories about Mini-Dylan.

Moturoa said...

Hi Melville Intermediate

Here is that same link but this time it should be clickable

frances said...

man that looks cool,that tiger looks like its about to eat you!!!!
by FRANCES! :)

Room 5 Woodville School said...

Maybe mini- dylan and Woody bunter should become friends.

Jocelyn said...

Hey Mini Dylan that look cool were you went . I like the part were it shows you next to the water. Did you think it was cool it look cool!