Sunday, May 31, 2009

25,000 Visits On Our Blog

I was sick for four days this week and while I was away we passed a blog milestone- 25,000 views of our blog. Olivia's Mum made a wonderful Clustrmap cake with candles and we took photos to mark the occasion but they were lost when someone didn't quite upload them to the computer and then someone else deleted the photos from the camera itself. These things happen. You will just have to imagine the beautiful cake and our smiling faces.

The little red dots on the map above shows you where those viewers came from. Thank you everyone.


Anonymous said...

Miss k I have a file scavenger so you could bring it around and I will be able to get them back


Moturoa said...

Good idea Kieran but the photos never actually got uploaded properly onto the computer before they got deleted from the camera itself. So there would be nothing for the file scavenger to find! Nice try.

Allanah K

Shiels3k said...

Cool Clustrmap! So when someone views your map, the clustrmap saves where the view came from? Not sure how this works... I also imagine a group of smiling faces eating cake!! Yummy..