Friday, May 15, 2009

River Bugs Podcast By Jan Trafford

For reading this week Kakapo group made this radio play of Jan Trafford's article in the School Journal about a water adventure on the Buller River, near Nelson.

Kakapo group were focused on reading with fluency, expression and clarity.

They would love some feedback on how they might improve their oral skills the next time they read aloud for a audience.

I have put this podcast on our blog as a movie but if you search iTunes for Allanah you will be able to download our podcasts properly and listen to them on your iPod while you go jogging or in the car on the way to work!


louisa guest said...

Great job guys. I think you spoke really clearly. Your voices had a lot of expression and it was fun to listen to. I think you had an excellent time in the river!

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Kakapos, I was very intrigues to find this podcast as I have visited the Buller many times (I live in Auckland) but I had no idea what River bugs were. Well now I do. What an awesome podcast! I really think this is a MOST professional recording and your expressive voices are what brings it alive. Well done!
Mrs Burt

carl said...

I liked that podcast

Wm Chamberlain said...

Great idea for a podcast. I had thought about doing something similar using our reading series, but copyright issues changed my mind.

The podcast sounded great. Good job with you clear speaking.

Mr. C

Kathleen said...

Hi Kakapos!
My name is Miss McGeady. I teach Grade Two at a school in Victoria, Australia.
I love doing activities to help my children read with fluency and expression. Your podcast was awesome! You all spoke very well and it sounded like you practiced a lot. I will have to show my children. Keep up your excellent work on your blog!

From Miss McGeady and 2KM

Dave Winter said...

You Kakapos are good clear readers. A story from near by too. Your pretty lucky to have a cool teacher. We got some help from her about podcasting tonight. I want a trip in a river bug.

Anonymous said...

That seems so cool!! I wonder what it would be like if I went on one??!!

Laurin Karadimos said...

Hello students. My name is Laurin, and I'm in Dr. Strange's class at the University of South Alabama. I think your podcast is excellently done. It is humorous and fun, with exciting photos! Great job with vocal presentation and timing that with the pictures. What an awesome experience on the river!

Lauren G said...

Hey there River Bugs. My Name is Lauren and Im in Dr. Strange's EDM310 Class at the University of South Alabama. Your podcast was amazing, great job with the sound effects and voices. Everyone had a certain part to play which is my favorite thing about this podcast. the pictures made it look like fun and something very exciting to do. Great Job and i hope to watch more from you guys!

Alexander said...

Great voice clarity and it was a very funny story. It looks like you had fun.

Freddy Jones said...

Hey Kakapos,

You guys did great in your oral speech. You had very clear voices and you made it very interesting. For something you could improve though was at some times you were quite soft. I wich we could go to that river because it looks like so much FUN!

Seeya, Freddy Jones

Adelaide Crows said...

Hey guys ,

I think you did great in your speech. you spoke very clearly and loudly. It looks like you had lots of fun. Keep up the good work.

from Adelaide Crows

Savannah said...

That was a good podcast. I loved it. I think rivers are pretty.


Mr. Moore said...

What a great project! I had never heard of a river bug before. You all did a very nice job on your recording. I would love to hear more of your podcasts. I wonder about the writing that you did... Did you all work on the writing together, or did one person do it all alone?

The recording was great, especially all the different voices and the different volume levels you used when kids were reading (or almost yelling)!

bennette8-17 said...

Hi Kakapos!
My name is Bennette Cruz from Sargent park School.
I think you guys did a great job on your podcast! It was enjoyable to watch and your voices had a lot of expression which made it more fantastic. KEEP IT UP GUYS :)