Thursday, May 07, 2009

Autumn Fun

Today was a beautiful autumn day and over lunchtime a group of us made our own fall day! We had to work together to get the leaves in a big enough pile to make a soft landing. We had to take turns so we didn't crash into each other. We supported each other and challenged ourselves to have the courage to take the plunge. It was very cool fun.


Manaiakalani said...

Oh my goodness! You kids are soooo lucky. That looks like awesome fun :)
Note to your teacher - was there rubber matting under that? OSH compliant fun ;)
Mrs Burt

AngeNZ said...

Oh how wonderful! I am so jealous!

I hope you guys had lots of fun I wish I was there swinging off the tree with you!

Love to hear more about it!

Mrs Armstrong-Lush (Palmerston North)

Mrs M said...

Wow kids. What fun!

When I share this post with my Year Twos tomorrow, I know they're going to be jealous for two reasons - 1) they're not allowed to climb the trees in their playground and 2) - we don't have any autumn leaves, it's just too warm here in Brisbane.

Watching you certainly took me back to my tree-climbing days, many years ago - thank you for the memories.

Anonymous said...

That must have been awesome fun.
from Olivia

Makuri School said...

Wow! I wish I was allowed to do that at my school. We didn't have a tree that gave enough leaves.
You could make a cool leaf collage with all those leaves.

From Tessa

carl said...

That is so cool hope you enjoyed that day Tyler

Anonymous said...

It is so cool to watch isn't it. I did have a go but I ran up to it, I didn't climb the tree and do it. It was fun. Tyler must have liked it because if you look closely you can see he is smiling.

Have a good day Auttum Funning

Olivia A

George the cool boy!!!!!!! said...

I wish I was there


Anonymous said...

I think that looks like FUN but I didn't do it.By Alex.

Bruce said...

Great to see some real kids play - and who need rubber matting!! We are all getting too soft or PC

Bruce Hammonds