Saturday, July 21, 2007

Zach's Animation

Zach and some friends from the Waimea South ICT cluster made some animations and here is Zach's one.

Zach made this animation to help people know what to do inLink an emergency- he made it using Quicktime Pro. To make it you take all your photos and then go FILE- Open Image Sequence- find the first photo of your animation, choose how many frames per second you want and Quicktime will do the rest. How cool is that!

We used Audacity to record Zach’s narration. Then Miss K put them both together in iMovie.

To see the podcast click on the photo of the burning building!


Leo said...

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Well keep up the great work and I'd like to watch some more movies of yours,
From Leo

Zara said...

My name is Zara from Bellaire P.S. in Austrlia & I go to school with Leo. I think you guys I have some up with some really creative ideas. I am only just learning how to do what you guys are doing.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My name is Jess... I also go to Bellaire P.S!!! You guys have done some pretty creative stuff! It must have felt good when you reached 10,000 hits!!!
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I have to admit my blog is nowhere as good as yours!!!