Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Miss K has found a new toy for Bloggers

I hope you enjoy this little Web2.0 toy from Voki. With it you make a little avatar (an animated mini-me) and record what you want it to say and put the code into your blog. You would need a microphone to record your voice or it will talk what you type but you will have an American accent.

Also I just noticed that if you hover the mouse over the photo it will follow the mouse around! This would be a fun thing for our class bloggers to try and post on their blogs over the holidays.

Elliott and I have been making an animation over the holidays. Just waiting for Elliott's approval and we can publish it.

Miss K


kieran said...

I made a voki go to my blog to see it

Durff said...

I think I am the naturally gray one, not you! Great voki!

Moturoa said...

Elliott, Kieran and Oscar have all made Voki. Very cool boys!

Miss K