Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Make yourself a mini-me in lego

Miss K found this mini-me lego maker on the internet and thought a few of you may like to have a go at making yourself out of lego. The idea is that you choose your body, clothes, hair, sunglasses, background and everything and then you save it to your desktop and add it to your blog or whatever. (At school you go SHIFT + APPLE + 4). On a PC you go PRT SCRN and press ALT at the same time and copy it into Paint or whatever.

This is the one that I made. Do you think it looks like me?


Zara said...

My name is Zara and I am from Bellaire Primary School in Victoria, Geelong. We are doing blogs aswell. I think that this mini me in lego is very interesting. i cant wait to reada more on your Blog. We are doing thease things called Passion Project and they are about what we like and mine is about MONKEYS
Come check out mine:

Thanks :)
Zara Bellaire Primary School
Victoria, Geelong

Anonymous said...

Zoe said the glasses look like your glasses, Summer said you always wear skirts,Isaac thinks it looks like your hair and Keeley saw you are holding a computer. Keegan thinks your hat doesn't usually turn sideways and Marshall thinkds your hair usually stokes back at the sides.
Hope you are having a good holiday . from WAIMEA