Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cuddly Kiwi enjoys sporting success

Mr H's class made this post on their blog about Cuddly Kiwi's sporting successes. These photos show Cuddly Kiwi with the Under 8 year old Cefn Fforest Soccer Trophy. They forgot to write who is the boy in the photo but I think he is very clever. It is of course Matthew B. Sorry Matthew.

Class 3H star gymnast, Chantelle, took part in a Rotary Club International, Team Gymnastics Competition. It was held at a local Leisure Centre and was a competition for 4 local gymnastics clubs. Chantelle was Team Captain for her club - Cwmcarn (not bad to be captain at 8 years old!!).
Not only did Cwmcarn win the competiton.... but Chantelle was the gymnast with the highest individual score in the competition. She brought the shield that her team won in to show them in an assembly last week.

From Class 3H Cefn Fforest School, Wales

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Mr Harrington said...

Ooops sorry Moturoa - we forgot to say that the soccer star looking very glamourous in the photographs is of course Matthew B !!!! he is pretty cool !!!

Mr H and Class 3H

p.s.We hope that you are coping without Miss K for the time being, you will miss her very much I am sure. Best Wishes from Wales : )