Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Plays

Hi Miss K. I hope your mum is getting better. The class says hi too. Because we didn't get to do the play you said we could do we got to do new plays and Jenny made up one about the science fair projects to share at assembly.
Dino stars in it as Professor Know it All! .P.S. It is our assembly this week and we are going to do a dance and a few other things.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait until your assembly by Bella

Zara said...

Zara From bEllaire P.S again Wow you guys get up to lots of fun things and they sound really cool.
And the pictures make it look even better! I have to say my blog isnt that interesting. I will be back
Zara Bellaire P.S
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Moturoa said...

Hello everyone,

My mum is in the hospital at the moment but that is the best place to be if you are trying to get better.

I saw Professor Know It All yesterday and he might have told you that I am walking with a crutch at the moment because I have hurt my knee! It is a good job that I am not at school otherwise Josh and I might get in a tangle!

That play sounds pretty cool. Jenny is great to make a play just for your Science Fair assembly.

I am sure that assembly will go really well.

Have fun and it is great to see you blogging again.

Miss K

Mr Harrington said...

Well, well Dino I hardly recognised you :-) Mr H from Wales
ps I hope that you are going to show the world your assembly ( no pressure !!!)

Anonymous said...

So do tell us how assembly went? Did everyone remember their lines.

I saw Miriam in the weekend. She was out shopping in the mall.

I was taking my mother out for a stroll in her wheelchair. We didn't buy anything much- just a couple of pieces of chocolate fudge from the fudge shop and a fruit smoothie. Yum!

Miss k