Monday, July 30, 2007

Bellaire Primary School in Geelong, Australia

LinkChildren from Bellaire School in Geelong, Australia have been commenting on our blog particularly Tristan, Zara (who likes monkeys), Ramona (who likes tennis) and Leo (who loves hockey) and Jess (who likes basketball). Look at Zach's animation comments.

They would like you to read their blogs and comment on them as well. That would be fun but they have an extra trick up their sleeves.

To be able to comment on their blogs you have to be able to answer a challenge question. It might be a maths sum or....

What is the Bellaire Primary School Motto? Aim High

What is the colour of the Bellaire school cap? Green and white

Their school also does a podcast- you may like to listen and comment on their podcasting.


Zara said...

Zara here again really am greatful about my link on the bolg and I will tell the other to have a look on here!
Well you guys really have been busy our class blog doesnt have that much stuff on it like your only a couple of pictures but I shall be back soon
Thanks again ;) :) :P :D

Tristan said...

Hey guys Thanks for commenting on my blog i appreciate it a lot thanks and if there is anything you want to know that I could tell you about go onto my blog and tell me and i will do all that I can Thanks again :):):) bye Tristan