Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Zach's Poem

Apricots, bacon, cookies too
Dumplings & Easter Eggs too.
Fish fries groper, hapuka
Ice blocks & juice
Kangaroo tail stew.
Lamb necks too.
Mussels & meatballs dipped in mustard
It all tastes good but you need some custard!
Noodles & o-ring chips, pork, quiche makes it all so good.

Roast steak dipped in tomato sauce.
Up-side down cake served with venison steak,
Watermelon is the best
Extra sweet toffees with yoghurt
And of course Zach’s special stew.

By Zach and Jack On Monday our class did a poem Alphabet stew. We had to make our own one. This is my one. Do you like it?


Oscar said...

Yes I do like it Zack cool poem.

Moturoa said...

I think it is a really cool poem how you got all the letters of the alphabet there in the right order!

Miss k