Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe

We are learning about Cyber Safety- that means how to be safe on the internet and when using ICT. We have talked about how the things that you post into a blog or the comments you make can be there forever. Sometimes that can be a great thing, sometimes not so great.
This picture is from the website called Hector's World. It has a lot of cool videos, puzzles and ideas to learn from about Cyber Safety. To go to the website you can just click on the picture and it will take you there.


Mrs. Sullivan said...

Thank you all for a great Skype call. It was so nice to talk with you all. We could not hear some things very well. We did not catch the name of the guitar player. He was wonderful. Could you here us singing along? My class is teasing me because he is so much more talented than me. I can play guitar or sing, but never both together our I sing the guitar notes. He was awesome we were all very impressed. Thanks for the call.

Moturoa said...

That person was Kieran- he is a pretty special person who has great talents and confidence in singing and playing the guitar.

It was a great conversation we had today. It was a shame some of the kids couldn't make it.

We laughed when we saw the I LOVE NY T-shirt as we have some of those symbols in our classroom as well.

It was lovely to meet you all.

Have a great summer holiday (vacation).

Miss K

Mrs. Sullivan said...

We had a big thunderstorm and power outages last night and many families did not want to walk in the downpour. Thos ewho came had a great time. The kids loved hearing about eachothers pets. If we combined all of our pets we could have a Zoo.

Elliott's Space said...

I had a play it's really cool