Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lead Children ICT Day

Today Elliott, Zach and Nicole got to go to a Lead Children's ICT day where children from Waimea South got together and worked on creating animations.

This is my group ( Zach ). We are making our models. It is a hard job. Our job is to make a way to make an emergency call. Our animation took 203 photos. It was fun.
This is my group ( Elliott ). We were given a a piece of paper and all of them were on safety. My group's was on safe swimming. We had two people. Their names were Ben and his mum . First we made a story board of what was going to happen. Then we went off and made the things that we needed and they were background, Ben and his mum, the flags and the car. Our animation was called Safe Swimming.
This is my group ( Nicole ) we had to make a animation. First we had to make a brainstorm. Then we had to make a storyboard. then we had to make a background. We made a background and put all the photo' s into iphoto then put the pictures into Imovie. Then we had to put the title and credits on to the movie. Then we recorded our voices. Then we were finished.
By Elliott, Nicole and Zach

PS from Miss K....

We have moved on to new heights with our blogging in that we have learnt how to add links in our blog posts to other web sites like how each of us have our own blog sites that we can link to.


Anonymous said...

Way clever!!..i like the foot prints in the sand, and it good allways to swim between the flags.Well done

Chris Symes

Mr Harrington said...

Hey gang this video is really cool - I love the way you got the effect of the people swimming - excellent work : )
From all of your friends in Wales.