Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rice bubble cake!

We had some wonderful learnings with our Teach It Homework. Sam impressed us with his recipe for rice bubble cake. What do you think?We liked Sam's rice bubble cake- yummmmmmmmmmy!

By Sam and Brittany

All those who had a good try at the homework had a really good try at teaching and many realised it was not as easy as it may look!

Georgie and Tegen did a really cool dance on the stage by the sandpit. Georgina showed us how to do a really clever magic trick, Amberley did a wonderfully funny and creative dance, Miriam & Jack shared recipes, Frances read us a poem. Kyle showed us how he could add a photo on his blog. Zach very cleverly showed us how he would train a dog to sit. Kieran showed us how to make a paper glider and sang us a song, Jordan showed us how to make origami squares. Susa showed us a cunning trick to learning the nine times tables and Elliott shared how he had made us all some very yummy brownies.

What a talented bunch of children I have.

Miss K


Elliott's Space said...

they were were really yummy


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the recipe Sam . It sounds delicious. Some of us want to make your Rice Bubble cake at home.

Richmond Primary School said...

Hell Sam,
I was very impressed to read the posting on your class blog about Rice Bubble Cake. It is Saturday while I am writing this, but I am going to show my class on Monday and I know they will want to try your recipe.We will take a photo and put it on our blog if we do.Maybe you are on the way to writing your first recipe book!
Keep up the good work.
From Mrs Eden and Room 12 Richmond Primary School.