Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nicole's Gameboy

When Miss K went to the conference one of the topics was gaming so she asked us to bring some sort of gaming device. So Nicole brought her video game to school to show Miss K and the class. Nicole's favourite game is Roadstar. What you do is you go up a jump and the road is broken and there is a tiny piece of road that you have to land on. By Elliott, Shania and Nicole.


Moturoa said...

I know nothing about computer games apart for Spider Solitaire so it is fun to see the sorts of things that kids are playing with. Kieran brought his Sony Playstation today. He showed me the games you can play on it.

I would like to play with a Wii but don't know anyone in NZ with one!

Miss K

Anonymous said...

Well done guys an interesting article on Technology.

Mr H and Class 3H

Alix said...

Another great computer game is Suduko online. I'm an addict, but it's harder to do on the screen than on paper. It's a good brain exercise. I've found a great site which is easy to use on
Have fun.
Alix (Elliott's aunt in Belgium)