Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chocolate Fish

Yay! Tyler, Susa, Petra, Troy, Mr H in Wales, the Bennett family (x4), Braden, Leanne, Miriam & her Grandad, six Kennedys, Ryan & his Mum, all 4 Hodgkinsons and Room 10 at Brightwater School all get chocolate fish so far!

We will make a cut off time of making comments and getting a chocolate fish for Sunday 18 February so you had better be quick!

Keep trying Susa's Mum- you will get there!

Miss K


Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy : )
From Wales

Anonymous said...

can i have a choc fish + family 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Elliott

Moturoa said...

OK seeing you did such great blogging today!

room10brightwater said...

We love chocolate fish in room 10 at Brightwater too!!!!!

Simon (Amberley's dad) said...

Very cool blog kids, more photos of what you are doing please, maybe a selection of artwork? or run a picture competition?.

SHANIA said...

CAN i please have some chocolate fish BY SHANIA

Brittany H said...

Gimme gimme gimme! (not the chocolate fish, the kittens. They're soooooooooooooooooo cute!)

Brittany H (Amberley's sister)

P.S: I also want chocolate fishies! :)

Moturoa said...

I love chocolate fish.