Thursday, February 08, 2007


Isn't it sad to say but the iPod Nano that I bought last year is now 'old' and I upgraded over the holidays to a video iPod that plays our video podcasts, through a TV if you want and holds 80GB of my computer files in its memory.

So we are having a bit of a play with the iPod Nano and listening to our last year's podcasts while we are doing our other school work.

Kyle got the idea pretty quick and taught others how to use the click wheel. Very cool.

Miss K


Moturoa said...

Susa wants a flounder sized chocolate fish. I think she should get a Wales sized one- I am so funny I knock myself out! Miss K

Moturoa said...

I think that Petra can have a chocolate fish as well seeing she commented on the Totaranui blog. I wonder if it will get home safely with Susa. Miss K

Blog-man said...

Could you send a chocolate fish to Wales ???? great to see you back - where have you been : ) anyone would think it was the summer time - we had snow today !!!!
Mr H and Class 3H

Anonymous said...

Hey I think I should get a chocolate fish has well Miss K. I think the blog is wonderful x1000 so clap clap clap for you and Moturoa. Wow awesome work.
Troy (Petra and Susa sister)

Moturoa said...

OK- so Troy will get a chocolate fish as well! That makes three for the R-B family. You'll have to get Mum to make a comment as well!!! I'll get a bigger bag to put them all in!!! LOL Miss K

Anonymous said...

My goodness What a handsome BOY you have in your class. A CHOCOLATE FISH for him[& FAMILY]don't you think????

Kyle's family