Monday, September 21, 2009

Week Ten Terrific Typists

Here is a new typing game for the newbies. Keyboard Climber helps you identify the individual keys quickly.

This week's terrific typists are Emily, Maisie and Rachel.


Wainoni Blogger said...

So fun!! That was awesome, I was playing it just before and I was having so much fun, It was so hard, I couldn't keep up and i kept getting hit with the coconut many times! Awesome.

From Krystal

Moturoa's Playground said...

Rock on Emily good effort I new you could do it. Well done


Anonymous said...

It was a really good game and also if you take too long to press a button you go back to the start of the level! It was a fun game and I completed it.Taine

jacob said...

I think it is real cool and it is good for you to rember were your keybords are