Monday, September 14, 2009

Handwriting / Typing

As a reward for those making a good effort with their handwriting and those achieving well with their handwriting, three children (we only have three laptops) will be chosen each week to do typing practice instead of handwriting practice. Here are a couple of places they can go to get the practice.

Dance Mat Typing is very cool because you can choose the level you want to start on to see how good you are.
There are two options with Bleat Box- an easy one where you just learn where the keys are and a harder one where you have to use your memory.
Typing Master is an old style Pacman game where you type the letters to move your man!
Tux Type is a downloaded game that Allanah has put on the laptops for you to use. Only click on the link and you have asked your parents if it is OK to download a game from the internet. It comes in a Windows, Apple or Linux version.

This week's Terrific Typists are Hayley, George and Georgia. The great example of fantastic handwriting belongs to Georgia.

1 comment:

George!!!! said...

If you have won the handwriting carrot this week I think the best game to do is typing master