Friday, September 04, 2009

Learning with Haley in Bangkok

Haley, a student at ISB in Bangkok, where Allanah visited last Christmas, is just learning about blogs. She blogged about a science experiment she did and we thought we would do the same experiment here to see if the results were the same.

Today we did an experiment about coins. What we did was we cut some paper cups. We did a small one, a medium one and a large one.
We got a tote tray and put water in it then we got the cut paper cups and we got a bag of $2 coins and put them in the paper cups one at a time.
We put money into the cups that we had in the water. We had four different sized cups. The baby sized cup only took two coins to make it sink. The mummy sized cup only took two coins and the daddy sized cup took five coins. It was hard to put the coins in the middle so it was even.

We decided that the the taller cup held more air and that's why it was able to hold more coins. The pressure of the air underneath it helped to hold it up as well.


Tiffany said...

Hi! I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am in Dr. Strange's class this semester. I think this is so cute! It is amazing how kids these days are so good with technology. I know when I was little I would of never imagined communicating with people across the world. I am so glad to see this!

Ysobella S said...

I had the best fun it was so cool


Haley Mills said...

The science experiment looked like a lot of fun! I am very interested in science as well and hope to teach a class just like yours. Have a Great Day.
Haley Mills
Education Major at The University of South Alabama

Jessica Parker's EDM310 Blog said...

Hello! My name is Jessica Parker and I am a student in Dr. Strange's class at the University of South Alabama! The experiment looked like fun and I bet you learned alot! My favorite thing to do in school was hands-on experiments and I always learned alot too!