Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Education Trust

Today Helen and Harold came to visit from the Life Education Trust. Our particular learning focus is to learn more about our body and the way parts of our body work.

Today we learnt a little about our digestive system. This animation shows you how different foods are dealt to as they pass through our digestive systems. Click on the various foods and follow their path until the end!!!!!

It even deals with baked beans which will keep Liam interested!!!


Anonymous said...

cool! Allanah by Jordan

Middle School said...

I like the way you did all the pictures and I think your work is amazing. Josh

Anonymous said...

I used to use this in lessons, but I can no longer find it and your link doesn't work.
Do you have the url?

Moturoa said...

The best I can find is this but I can't find the full screen site at all. Pity because it is a good animation that the kids like repeating and playing over and again.

Allanah K