Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mini-Dylan's Tour of the South Island

Today Mini-Dylan and I started a road trip down to Dunedin. I will let you follow our journey as we go and show you some New Zealand countryside along the way. We got as far as Hanmer Springs.

First stop was this place. Bonus point and a chocolate fish if you are the first person to comment and tell me the name of the place and how it got to be there.

The whole trip was very pretty and Mini-Dylan wanted his photo taken along the way.
We were tired when we got to Hanmer so had a lovely soak in the hot pools.


Paula Jamieson said...

I have no idea where Mini-Dylan is but just wanted to say how beautiful his surroundings look and what a lucky wee guy he is to be taken on such an interesting trip. I am looking forward to seeing him at the ULearn conference in Christchurch and hope to have my photo taken with him!
Happy travels,
From Paula Jamieson
(Teacher, E-Learner, 'Gadget Girl' and most of all friend of Allanahs...)

Moturoa said...

Hey Paula

The Ulearn conference will be great. Miini-Dylan and I have a great time.

I put another photo of the mystery waterfall there as well which might make it easier to spot.

See you at the conference.


oneteachersview said...

is it somewhere near Murchison?

Moturoa said...

Sorry. No chocolate fish. You are close but not close enough for the big prize! Try again.

Allanah k

oneteachersview said...

Thanks for the hint...

Ariki Falls (formed by 1929 Murchison earthquake, also known at the Buller earthquake)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Cute Pics! I come from Thailand. Leave a comment on my blog at

Anonymous said...

At one time a lot of shaking went on around here -I wonder what was at fault?
Mr K

Anonymous said...

Is it the Buller River


Anonymous said...

The waterfall is Maruia Falls it is between Murchison and Springs Junction it was caused by an earthquake on the 17th of June 1929 The quake caused a landslide this altered the course of the river.

Middle School said...

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