Friday, April 03, 2009

Why we went to Canvastown

We are learning to…

Be reponsible for ourselves, our belongings, our safety and our actions
Work and live alongside others in a harmonious and safe way
Explore the outdoors and participate in new and challenging activities
Learn more about New Zealand’s history and heritage

What we a looking for…

People who are where they should be, doing what they should be doing
People who succeed in being friendly with everyone
People who challenge themselves to participate in new experiences
People who think about their own safety and the enjoyment of others

We will know we have achieved this when we arrive back at school and…

We have all of our own gear
We are safe and healthy
We have all enjoyed ourselves
We know more about New Zealand’s gold mining history
We have taken part in new outdoor education experiences
We have challenged ourselves and feel more confident about being independent and responsible for ourselves

Now you have a good rest it would be great if you left a comment about how you felt you got on in achieving these goals...


Anonymous said...

Yes I did nearly complete everything
except for the plates and all that sort of stuff.

Regards:George B

Anonymous said...

Yes I did do all of them and I did have all my clothes witch is lucky because if I didn't my Mum would have bet me to the ground.I had a lot of fun on camp. The adults made it sound fun and be fun.Thanks for taking us on camp Allanah.

Olivia A

Anonymous said...

I've got all of my gear i am shore. my mum thought i came back with only one sock but it was in my other bag. she was really really really funny i just about peed my pants. by skye. b

Anonymous said...

It was so fun on camp.I was safe and healthy when i came home and it was the best camp i enjoyed every minute of camp thank you for making it a great camp

Georgia O'C

Anonymous said...

I thought I was okey at it though I lost my shoes and they ended up in miss ks car because i came back from camp with her. When she handed out the stuff she brought back from camp and there was my shoes so I was okey . rachel m

Anonymous said...

I thought i wasnt afraid of new things what i also fought is that i tryd my best at every thing By Jessica B

Anonymous said...

I had a great time on camp I was responsiable for my belongings

Emily R

Moturoa said...

i have all of my stuff at home but not my brothers torch when i rembered i just about fainted .

By Jake

Anonymous said...

i have got all my stuff at home .

i know more about new zealand's history

by Hugo