Sunday, April 05, 2009

Canvastown History

The old miners used sluices to blow the gold out of the banks and to separate the boulders from the dirt.
This old miner has probably lived in his hut for his whole life. It look pretty ragged.

This gang was called the Kelly Gang. These people were murderers and robbers that stole gold from people as they took to Nelson to take to the bank. One of them told on the other three and those three got hanged and the man who told on them went to Australia where he got shot as well.

Here is a song about the gold robbers who hid at Murderer's Rock on the Maungatapu Track. Click the play button to play it.


Anonymous said...

I just showed my Mum our blog and she said it is looking fab ... she also said she is very glad that the Kelly Gang aren't around any more or they could of taken her money drving back from camp !! ... she also just said it is time me to go to bed as it is now 9.00 o'clock. By TORBEA!

Moturoa said...

It is definitely time for bed. It's a school day tomorrow. You need to be bright and bubbly for a school day.

Allanah K