Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tailrace Walk

The tailrace was built by the old miners to take the water down to the river with enough pressure to work the sluices to get the gold. Here is a photo of the track to the tailrace.On the second day of camp we walked on the Tailrace track. You had to be careful because there are heaps of roots, water and rocks. The tree roots had grown all the way down the cliff face to reach the water.
We had a great time walking through the tailrace as you can see Emily and I had a cool time because it was really challenging.
We had to walk in the through this water that is in the picture. Above there were some deep parts that went to the top of some gumboots.


Anonymous said...

This was really cool, so was the rest of the stuff we did at camp. I thoroughly recommend going on a school camp, cool kids and adults!! We all had a great time, putting my hand up for the next one. Tracy Goeddert

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Looks awesome. I would love to walk through there. Looks like something out of a book where the kids have adventures and find treasures and solve mysteries!
Mrs Rolls
Tasman Bay Christian School

Anonymous said...

I think Emily annd I did really well on that post that we wrote don't you? Plus I thought the Tailrace was cool :)