Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Clustrmap

Unfortunately children can't see our Clustrmap live at school- it is no longer blocked but for some reason it doesn't let itself be visible most of the time so I took a screen shot of it from home. If you click on it it you will see a bigger version. It shows all the places in the world our blog is being viewed. The size of the dots means that there are more views.

What a great way to show how open our classroom walls are. We have lots of followers in USA, UK and some in Australia. And now we have a view other viewers throughout Asia as well. I wonder who you all are?????

Please leave us a comment and introduce yourselves.

Miss K


Cathy Nelson said...

You ca tell the class Im a reader, so I'm a red dot--i keep sharing it w/ a fellow teacher friend in hopes that she'll begin a class blog. Im in Myrtle Beach, SC (USA)

Moturoa said...

Thank you for leaving us a comment, Cathy.

I left a comment on your South Carolina Voicethread.

Isn't it fun yo hear voices as well as see photos.

Miss K