Friday, October 19, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Today we recorded our comments for our Voicethread about New Zealand's money. We used a resource from the Reserve Bank to find out more about our coins and notes.

If you are from overseas we would love to hear your comments about your system of money. To record your comments just register with an email and a password and hit record when you are ready.

If you would like to add photo please send me an email. The link to my email is to the right.

Here is a link to the full screen version.

This Voicethread also led to other Voicethreads from other parts of the world.

From England.

From America.

And from Korea.


keamac said...

Your presentation about NZ money is fantastic. I teach a Year 4 class in Torbay, Auckland. We are also learning about money at the moment, so I will show your presentation to my class on Tuesday. Well done everyone.
From Mrs Anderson - McGhie

Miss Signal said...

Fantastic work! I really like the way you explained what each one looked like, why the symbols are important and the things you can buy for that amount.

I will be sharing this awesome example with my yr 3/4 class this coming week! Thanks for sharing your learning!
Miss Signal, Elm Park School.

Anonymous said...

Here in the U.K. we have £'s (pounds) and p (pence). However, many of the other 26 countries in the European Community, (of which the U.K. is a long-standing member), have had the Euro money for a few years now. The present British government has always declined to join the Euro and will only join "when the economic conditions are right". It's a controversial subject.

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Mr Lietze said...

Hi Moturoa - I left a voicethread comment for you. Have a look at the $1 page for it ;+)
Hey my class of 6-7yr olds in Tauranga also had a wee go at a voicethread on Fri b4 we went hom. If you want to leave a comment go to My kids were a bit shy so I will show them what you did - it may inspire them :+D

Mrs. Sullivan said...

Great Job. My lot will try to record a voice thread about American money to share with you this upcoming week. I hope Midnight is still enjoying New Zealand. Fern is having a great time. We have to start taking more pictures of her soon.