Thursday, October 25, 2007

Music Homework

This week's homework will be one that we all enjoy- music! Here are some of the things that we could do based around the music theme. I wonder if you can think of any more???

I am looking forward to next Thursday when children will share their favourite music with us or play us some music on an instrument they have been learning. All that money spent on music lessons being put to good use!

It is our assembly on Friday- that would be a great opportunity to share our music with the wider school- I feel a great podcast in the making!

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Mr Lietze said...

Hey Moturoa - what a cool task you have been set to do for homework! I look forward to hearing about Thursday's sharing.
Also I wanted to make a "shout out" to Zac who left a message on B2's blog Thanks Zac - you rock!