Friday, May 18, 2007

We talk to Dino in Wales

To watch and listen to our podcast click on this photo of Dino. Be warned though- it is 15MB which is a lifetime on dial-up. I will play the whole conversation to you at school on Monday.
We have just got home from an awesome conversation with Dino and Bella who are in Cefn Fforest School in Wales. Mr H's class came in early to school and we came back at half past seven at night time and we had a good old chin wag. Mr B lent us his new computer with a video camera in it so we could see each other as well as talk to each other. It was so good to see that Dino and Bella are doing so well. Thanks guys.

Here is how it looked from our end. There were lots of parents too but they were a bit shy!

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Mr Harrington said...

Hi Moturoa - what a brilliant day. I can imagine that you were all very tired and exctied after a long day in school ( coming back to school on a Friday night - you must be mad!!!). We had a fantastic time in Wales - Dino, Bella and their folks were absolutely fabulous and spoke very well in Assembly ( sadly I did'nt take a sound recorder in with me so you will have to take our word for it!!!). We were very tired by the end of a long but fabulous day... we had a magician in school in the afternoon who gave us a show and then did a workshop showing how some of the tricks work - so all in all we were shattered by 3.30pm and couldn't wait to get home!!! ( Mr H especially). We sent Dino and the gang to Big Pit from us - you must look that up on the internet - we hope that they had an enjoyable (if wet) time there. We will speak to you all again soon.

Mr H and Class 3H Cefn Fforest School